Bounce Back Offers: Give Your Customers Reason To Spend More

by Josh Grillo

How can you increase sales while NOT spending a ton on marketing? Use this little ole thing called a bounce back offer.

Bounce Back Offers

Bounce back offers will get your customers spending more

What Is A Bounce Back Offer

A bounce back offer is a discount or coupon that’s given to a customer that has just made a purchase from you. The goal is to get them to purchase again. This time at a discount.

This is heavily done around Christmas with major retailers like Macy’s and Victoria Secret. It works, exceptionally well.

Bounce Back Offers Got My Wife

I remember my wife saying, “Honey, I’m going to Victoria Secrets to buy some things.” That evening she’s showing me $250 dollars worth of panties and bras. Then adds in, “Oh, I got a 20% coupon I need to use before the end of the month.” Of course, she was back in the store the following weekend…

Online retailers email bounce back offers after you’ve made a purchase on their website. Here’s a few examples:

Omaha Steaks- Includes a bounce back offer in their shipment.

MOO Business Cards- Inside the box of business cards they have a 15% off bounce back offer.

Moo Bounce Back Offer

I received this bounce back offer with my business cards

What Makes A Good Bounce Back Offer

Anything that moves your customer into action, like a coupon or discount. Add in a free gift as well and you’re really building value. In our computer business, we give an 11% off coupon with a handwritten thank you letter. Occasionally, we’ll add a free computer cleaning coupon as well.

You need a deadline or expiration date with your bounce back offer and it must be short. For example, our deadlines are always 3 weeks to use a coupon.

Bounce Back Offers Will Increase Sales

Your best customer is the one that just spent money with you. Now, give them a reason to spend more. Then, rinse and repeat the cycle.

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