One Sneaky Trick To Make Your Emails Stand Out In A Crowded Inbox

by Josh Grillo

Wouldn’t you agree it’s getting pretty crowded in there? My inbox looks like a traffic jam: emails coming from every different direction, bumper to bumper. Hundreds of emails, every day.

What does your prospect’s inbox look like?

Care to guess?

More than likely it looks just like yours and mine. Hit with that same traffic jam: bumper to bumper emails every single day of the week.

With All Those Emails, How Do YOU Stand Out?

I’ve struggled for years to get my emails opened by prospects- Trying funny subjects, serious subjects to the “I don’t give a dam” subjects. Some worked, some didn’t.

Then I discovered a cool little trick that made my email stand out. This trick I’ve been using for about a year now and I think it will aid you in getting your emails opened.

Before I unveil the trick, let me tell you the back story of how I discovered this dirty little thing.

About a year ago, is when it all happened. I’m going through my daily 250 or so emails the same way I always do.

I scroll through my inbox, scanning for emails from important people and stuff that catches my eye. I follow that up by clicking Mark All As Read. Most emails don’t get opened.

I’m Scanning The Inbox & Hearts Hit Me!

It was a heart. Actually, it was a few hearts. What made these hearts stand out is they were in the From field of the email, surrounding the person’s name.

I have never seen that before. Could it be something new? No, no way. It’s too easy.

Here’s What I Did Next:

I opened the email, copied the hearts and pasted them into my own from field on emails I send. Then, I sent a test email to myself. It looked like this:

Check out my hearts. Really stands out.

How cool is that? Talk about standing out in an inbox.

I sent emails like that for a few weeks before I realized “Hearts” probably weren’t the most professional thing to be sending to prospects. I changed it up to something even more intrusive and more professional. Check it out:

I upgraded my hearts to triangles. Stands out even more.

Fast forward to 2011, I have yet to see another person using this trick.

Why? I think it’s one of those small things you don’t think about. You initially set up your email account with your name in the from field and that’s it. You don’t think about modifying it. Let’s change that right now.

How To Do This Sneaky Email Trick

It pretty much works the same for whatever email program you’re using. Open up your email, go to your Account Settings and click the email address you want to edit. Copy and paste the symbols however you want them. I recommend before and after your name.

*NOTE: If you’re using Aweber, you’ll need to test the symbol. I’ve found some work and some don’t. If you have issues you can easily substitute by using a symbol on your keyboard.

Here’s what it looks like if you’re using Apple’s Mail program:

Mail Preferences- Click Account Information- Add Symbols

Here’s what it looks like if you’re using Gmail:

Mail Settings- Click Accounts- Click Edit Info- Add Symbols

Here’s what it looks like if you’re using Outlook:

Account Settings- Click Email- Click Actual Email Address- Add Symbols

Symbols To Use In Your From Field

I understand one size doesn’t fit all, so here’s a collection of symbols you can use. Just copy and paste your favorite. My recommendation is the triangle. It really stands out.

☂ ☂

Full Disclosure & What You Need To Do Next

I can’t sit here and say more emails will be opened and you’ll get more sales because of this one little trick. However, I can say that it will definitely make your emails STAND OUT in a very crowded inbox.

I think that’s reason enough to do this one simple trick right now. Try it and then email yourself. You’ll see what I mean.

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Thanks for reading!

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